J. Jonathan Hayes

Founder & President, Constellation Sports Council

Jon is dedicated solely to serving professional athletes. He understands the unique financial needs and goals of athletes and the importance of protecting assets during their post-athletic careers. 

Jon has his own long-standing career in both finance and sports. He was the Director of Pro Sports at Pegasus Partners/Reinhart Partners and previously was the Senior Vice President of the Professional Sports Division at US Bank.

Jon earned a bachelor’s degree in both economics and management from Earlham College, where he played baseball and football.  He earned his MBA from the University of Notre Dame, graduating magna cum laude. He frequently returns to his alma mater as a guest lecturer. 

Why Constellation

Jon has always believed that in helping clients to perform well financially, they, in turn, are placed in a position to perform well on the court or field. This aligns well with a fundamental principle of the Constellation Sports Council.

What Drives Jon

He serves on the Ohio state board for the of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and also leads the Links Fellowship at his local golf club.

Jon, his wife, and three children are active in sports and other activities.  Whether coaching, playing, or cheering, odds are that Jon and his family are engaged in something involving athletics–and enjoying it together.